JUNE 5, 2001
A message to our loyal customers,

Thank you for patronizing our business for the past 13 years.

We are fully aware we would not have known the measure of success we experienced without your
patronage. The services we were allowed to provide you didn't just help you, but it helped us as
well by allowing us to be productive members of the Automotive Industry. We were allowed to
operate on all levels as
"Used Auto Dealers", as a Vehicle Registration Service, as a Finance
Company and finally as "Consultants to the Industry.
There was never a true moment of
dissatisfaction. We consider all days we spent in your service, whether they were obviously good
or so called bad as time well spent.  

We do apologize for the abrupt manner in which we have closed our doors and want you to know
we feel the same void you do; You no longer have us to rely on for your business needs, questions
and concerns; and we no longer have your consistent patronage of our business.

It currently appears to be the end of
"The Way Auto" as we have known it for the past 13 years,
not the end of the spirit of service in which we are accustomed to provide. There may come a
time in the future when we surface again, reborn out of the ashes of this flame which has currently
overcome us.

Until then, we wish you peace, safety and good health; and your business prosperity.

The Way